The Educational Forum in Philadelphia -  Nov. 19, 2016
at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy  -  8000 Cherokee St., Philadelphia, PA 19118
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 CO-HOST :   SPRINGSIDE CHESTNUT HILL ACADEMY   (SCH) provides a program designed to enable students to thrive in college and beyond. SCH’s educational model is distinguished by single-sex education for the lower grades (Pre-K through 8) followed by a coed Upper School. Through a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum grounded in project- and passion-based learning, SCH students gain an .intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and growth.
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   TOPICS FOR INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS MINDS:   for parents, students and friends

Controlling Anxiety for Healthy Educational Objectives
Let’s face it … the proliferation of social media and the prevalence of high expectations form formidable barriers to the development of any student’s self confidence. So, it is perfectly understandable that anxiety levels can reach epic proportions when millennials and younger students are planning for high school, college and beyond. This, in turn, could result in less-than-optimal educational and career decisions at a time when solid decision-making is most needed. Join a discussion that addresses some of the very pressures and challenges to which today’s students are subjected. Discover ways and strategies to overcome mental and emotional barriers so that both students and parents can feel empowered, and confident, to make their best decisions during these critical periods.
Presenter: Keith Berman, President   Options for College
You, Your Child & Einstein
Have you ever worried that someday someone will find out your success is due purely to luck? Do you have a fear of failure,or a feeling that your hard work is never enough? If so, then you and about 70% of the population suffer from the Impostor Syndrome. It’s usually the highest achieving and most gifted people that get hit the hardest - Einstein, Tina Fey, Maya Angelou, you … your student. It is hard enough to deal with these feelings as adults, but it is harder when we see our children exhibiting the same fears. Come take a look at the Impostor Syndrome and learn how to combat this condition and give your children the confidence and skills they need to succeed.
Presenter: Jill Schaffer, Director  The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy
Unearthing Giant Dinosaurs
The Age of Discovery persists with Peary and Amundsen of polar fame and Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins of lunar fame. Now, Professor Jason Poole, paleontologist and world traveler, will provide a first person account of unearthing the fossilized bones of dinosaurs on three diverse continents. Experience the excitement of discovery and the challenges of far-off scientific endeavor. And gain a new understanding of supermassive creatures and of natural scientific exploration.
Presenter: Jason C. Poole, Adjunt Professor & Dinosaur Hall Coordinator  The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Considerations for Early College
The early college option could be a most rewarding educational experience. In an early college setting, students learn in an environment where advanced course material is not only the norm, but also where the expectation for intellectual fulfillment is commonplace. It is a setting where curiosity and the desire to learn can combine in a way that could foster substantial intellectual and emotional growth. Yet, even among advanced learners, early college may not be the best educational path to follow. Come learn about the different types of early college approaches and, more importantly, the type of student who would most benefit from this choice.
Presenter: Alan Dupont, Admission Counselor  Bard Academy / Bard College at Simon's Rock
Becoming Digitally Skilled
The ongoing growth of computer technology will continue to impact how we live our lives. The processing power of today’s computers makes it economically feasible to realize concepts that were until recently only figments of our imagination: ubiquitous internet connectivity, hand-held telecommunication devices, digitally-enhanced movies ... all of which have influenced how we view ourselves in our “non-tech” settings: our social relationships, our interpretations of news, our ideas of art forms, how we think … As technology continues its advance, the greater its influence on our lives will become, and the greater becomes the importance of understanding the digital skills necessary to cope with, or even profit from, the oncoming changes. Learn of these skills and how they can be attained with your child’s development.
Presenter: Dr. Ellen Fishman-Johnson,  Director of Arts; New Media Department Head  Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
Behold! The Power of Maker Education
Maker Education is one of the fastest growing trends in k-12 education. It was borne out of the Maker Movement that began as a DIY culture that drew from readily available electronic/computer technology and grew to extend its reach into areas encompassing arts, sciences … anything and everything that define our lives. The emphasis is on learning collaboratively and finding collaborative connections between seemingly diverse disciplines. The pedagogical value is substantial: teachers can see where skills taught in each subject overlap and can enable students to go deeper and wider with a particular concept; students can directly experience their contributions, helping them to understand their ability to be agents of change. Discover Maker Education and see how this approach can transform a student’s world.
Presenters: Kelly Pierre,  Lower School Principal, Michael Darfler, Makerspace Director, Brie Daley, Light Lab Director  Friends' Central School
10 Lessons for Dream College Ambitions
The college admissions process - it has become increasingly complicated. From picking the right classes and selecting the appropriate standardized tests to maximizing the benefits of interviewing and creating the optimal personal essay … need more be said?  What is more is that admission into many colleges is beset with rising competition. Yet the path to “Harkness Hall” need not be so daunting. With appropriate planning, and effort, fulfillment can be attained. Join a discussion to discover how students of all ages can fully prepare for, and achieve, success when embarking on the road beyond high school.
Presenter: Benjamin Yun, Director of Teacher Training and Development   C2 Education
Recognizing and Preventing Educational Disengagement
It is understood that at the beginning at each school year, gifted or high-ability learners know, on average, 40% of the material that will be proffered over the ensuing nine months. For these students, seeking intellectual stimulation can feel like repeatedly trying to fit into a wrong-sized shoe with expectations for success. Eventually, the wrong-sized shoe approach can lead to intellectual disengagement. Join a discussion to see what disengagement looks like in the classroom and the negative intellectual, emotional and social effects it has on children. Learn of ways that you can help your child(ren) become re-engaged by, for examples, developing academic goals, maintaining accountability for work quality, and nurturing out-of-school interests. Help yourself ensure that your child always has shoes that fit!
Presenters: Amy Stoios,  Director of Education, and Aviva Moore, Director of Operations  The Grayson School
Project-Based Learning - A Hands-On, Minds-on, Workshop
Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an education method involving the acquisition and application of knowledge to address a specific problem or opportunity – the project. When employed successfully, PBL stimulates creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving capabilities and fosters collaboration. For students, PBL is an exciting approach to develop academically as well as an effective way to cultivate the intellectual and social skills needed in college and beyond. Join us for a hands-on, minds-on, workshop to learn and experience PBL for yourself. Feel the excitement of learning as you acquire the techniques that will enable you to help your child(ren) sustain, or regain, a thirst for knowledge.
Presenter: Carmine Liuzzi, National Executive Board Member and Director of  NJ Destination Imagination
Fostering Curiosity for Enjoyment & Reward
For many, life’s treadmill starts early. Desire for a future that offers financial security and social comfort leads many parents to exhort their children to achieve high grades and scores, to be socially and athletically involved, to reach for selective colleges, to obtain that favored employment position. But, being engaged primarily to burnish one’s chances to gain the next step diminishes the chance to develop the curiosity and excitement needed to achieve intellectual and personal fulfillment – which also would help to secure that college spot. See how to get your child onto a path that fosters genuine curiosity, enjoyment and reward.
Presenter: Patsy Kumekawa,  Scholar Search Associates

        for students 

Priming to Pump SAT/ACT Performance (grades 7-12)
Get started (or refresh yourself) on the road to one of life’s challenges: the standardized college aptitude test. To be sure, overcoming the bumps and barriers that inhibit satisfactory test results have been widely discussed over the past twenty years. But, the bottom line is that the very process of standardized testing rewards a certain approach that is not necessarily the most effective approach for learning in a conventional classroom setting. So come and understand what is needed to be a strong test-taker, discover strategies to bolster your scores, and discover how to diminish those bumps and barriers that might stand in your way.
Zero to Sixty: A Movie in an Hour (grades 4-8)
It can be a fast-paced world, movie making that is. Transform words and thoughts into sounds and images as you and your group create a shot list, determine distances, consider angles and assign roles. Directing, acting, screenwriting all come together in an hour’s time of creative fun and imaginary explorations when your team’s original short film will debut in Philadelphia – a bigger town than Peoria!
Dino(war) - CSI   (grades 4-8)
Imagine a battle, a battle so old that it was conducted before your lifetimes – before Vietnam in the last century, or Thermopylae 2500 years ago. It was a battle that was waged when titans roamed the earth, when two species of dinosaurs clashed in a fight for survival. Much of the evidence has been destroyed in the 65 million years since the event transpired. But, that does not mean one cannot use forensic techniques of observation to analyze the battle site to gain a good grasp of what might have occurred. Come survey a scene where only fossilized traces of the killers and killed exist and apply your knowledge to explain stories of long-ago conflicts long lost to memory.
A Philadelphia Story ... Dateline: World War I  (grades 4-6)
100 years ago, a native son of Philadelphia joined the army to be shipped off to France to participate in one of history’s bloodiest conflicts. His story comes alive with his letters and photographs so that one could share his experiences during a period so challenging that a special world-wide holiday – Veteran’s Day – was established to celebrate its end. Discover World War I: the anticipation, the battles, the use of poison gas, the mire of trench warfare, the post-war Spanish Flu epidemic (which claimed more deaths than the war itself) … through the eyes of a participant. Most of all, take this opportunity to see how history can broaden your knowledge and widen your awareness in ways you have never seen before.
The All-Natural Writing Workshop  (grades 6-8)
Set your imagination free with a walk in the Wissahickon Park woods right beyond the door. Commune with nature, draw from arboreal splendor and get inspired for setting scenes, creating characters and unearthing plots. With pen and pad, conjure short creative pieces for your writing portfolio to be polished in a workshop setting that will enhance your capacity for written expression. You just may see a poem that’s lovelier than a tree.
Our Generation Got Soul: Music Lyrics for Social Change  (grades 6-12)
The Sixties were a time of protest, struggle and change. The struggle for civil rights, equal rights for women, and anti-war protests were all important issues in this decade. The assassinations of three prominent leaders, President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy shocked and saddened our nation. All of these issues and events were documented in song. Listen to and analyze song lyrics that called for social change in the 1960's. Learn about the components of song writing and create lyrics for a song that tackles a current social issue.
Meet the Fibonaccis   (grades 4-6)
No one likes patterns more than mathematicians, and Fibonacci numbers stamp their patterns everywhere they go, from flower petals to nautilus shells. We'll set you loose with dominoes and Starbursts so you can discover why this classic number sequence amazes mathematicians. The session promises to build your math agility and maybe even your appreciation for pure math... and Starbursts.
Imagination to Innovation (grades 4-7, 7-12)
If there are just ten ways to pose a challenge, there are at least fifty ways to resolve it. But finding a resolution successfully requires the power to imagine, the daring to create, and the determination to proceed. You and your team will be confronted with a challenge that will require your imagination, creativity and determination to solve. The challenge could be anything: moving balls without touching them, creating a rhyming message for an answering machine … You will have to think quickly and effectively (there are time limits involved), but when you gain your solution, you will discover that the creativity that you have within you can be developed and applied to achieve greatness.?
In the Eyes of the ArtBot   (grades 5-7)
Delve in the world of ArtBots / Where bots are free to roam / For drawing lines like creeping vines / Or splaying tones like splashing foam / Making art for all to see / Through one’s unlimited creativity / And using basic circuitry. Be the controller of the strings / That gets your bot to define its blings / Of arcs and curliques / Of dashing dabs and fancy hues. How about it? Come marry art with science.
Learning Español – The Fun Way (grades 4-8)
For those of you who are about to embark on language learning in school, or who have waded in no further than up to your knees in conjugations and syllabi, discover how enjoyable (ergo, realizable) learning a language can be. You can experience how to become knowledgeable without the drudgery of memorization and grammar rules. Join in a quick introductory Spanish lesson that teaches through storytelling and reading; that incorporates dramatization, gestures, and more in fun activities. See how comfortable you can become in an hour imagining yourself sampling croquetas at a tapas bar.
Break In! Whodunit?  (grades 4+)
The venerable First National Bank of Philadelphia suffered a break-in recently. This was discovered by the bank manager, a Ms. Grayson, who upon entering the bank’s vault, observed a single piece of paper apparently out of place, and placed on the floor. On further vault inspection, Ms. Grayson realized that $10,000,000 was missing. Being a tradition-bound institution, the bank never did install fancy surveillance cameras. Solving this crime would require old-fashioned, old-school, detective work. Get yourself briefed (if you are out of practice) on the latest forensic techniques – like fingerprint analysis, et al., but you must bring your keen eye for observing details and your dogged resolve to crack the case.
Presenter:   The Grayson School
Modern Art with Modern Tech  (grades 6-8)
It's ART for the 21st century. The iconography of the Middle Ages, the symbolism of the Renaissance, the realism of the Academic Salons are all visions of the past. The traditional tools of the trade, paint brushes, linseed oil, and palettes, are being replaced by electrical conductive paint, hi-tech cutting machines, iPads and touch sensors. Use all these new tools and create to become a part of a new era that will be touted long into the future..